The AAC Selection Assistant

The AAC Selection Assistant is a tool to assist clinicians and others in selecting an appropriate AAC device for their clients.

The AAC Selection Assistant allows you to define the specific characteristics of the device you are looking for (without requiring you to know what devices exist), and will provide a list of the devices (hardware or software) that meet those needs. For example, if the available funding requires a dedicated communication device, selecting this option will remove from consideration any device that also includes a telephone interface, or that can be used as a tablet or computer.

To use the Selector, choose the organizational model that best fits your method of thinking. The Manufacturers model is organized much as common product fliers are, organized by the features of the product. The Clinicians model uses the rubric developed by Hill & Scherer for matching a person to technology.

In both models, product features are organized into functional groups. For example, the category "Vocabulary" allows the user to select only those products with core vocabulary, or with vocabulary extensible by the user. Clicking on features restricts the list to AAC products that are known to have that feature. As you make choices, clicking the "Update Product Count" button will show how many devices fit your requirements. When this number has reached a value that you are comfortable evaluating further, clicking "Find Matching AAC" will show the selection criteria you have choosen, and a list of products that meet your requirements. Because the final choice is a function of personal preference, you will have to work with your client on the final selection of a device, but this tool will reduce the number of choices that you must decide between.